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Make Your Wedding Pictures Surreal With Astounding Décor

The winter season is not just the season to keep you warm but it is also a season of weddings. There are a number of weddings that take place in winters according to Indian astrology but we are going to go there. Here we are going to talk about the way in which we can make our weddings unforgettable. One of the most top ways in which you can make your wedding unforgettable is by getting a lot of pictures clicked with stunning décor and background.

Have you seen how beautifully the pictures are clicked in mind-blowing backdrops? This is because people are a little more concerned about the way the setup has to look. Here are some of the ways by which you can make your wedding album stand out with mesmerizing décor.

Drape around the wedding drapes

Drapes are the best way by which you can give a royal look to your wedding. If you are having an afternoon winter wedding then the drapes would not only give you a shield from the winter winds but will also make the place look serendipitous.

You must have seen a lot of drapes and they come in all shapes and sizes, in fact, there are many Wedding drapes suppliers in Delhi and they will also give you a lot of options. A subtle touch of drapes will give you a majestic and royal type of feeling.

You can also look for different flowing fabrics in pastel colors. Ruffled fabric in bright colors, shimmer fabric in monochromes like gold, silver, and copper to give you that royal feeling, and last but not the least, net or see-through fabric to give you the fairytale touch.        

Bring symmetry with Wedding Chairs And Covers

When you attend a wedding then the first thing you see is the seating arrangements like the chairs and the tables. It’s a little bit unsettling not to find chairs with covers on them and believe us, we have seen the dresses being caught in the ridges of the chairs. We are sure that you don’t want to be in that situation which is why Wedding chair covers with ruffles are an option that you can go for.

Chair covers come in varied designs and you have a lot to choose from. If there are chairs with no covers then you are absolutely missing something and the décor looks a little dull. Wedding chair covers with ruffles are one of the best options and you will be given a lot of ruffles pattern.

You can go for a bow on the back, a contrast band strongly tied, a small trinket on the back of the chair, ruffles made of shimmer cloth, and a cover made of glitter fabric. Not just this but if you have any design in mind then you can share it with us and we will help you.

The colorfully blooming and Blossoming Flowers

Flowers are the five stars of the wedding and they come in so many colors and types that you have so many options. You can choose one type and one color and on that, you can design the entire theme of the wedding.

Not just weddings, in many other functions, the decoration of flowers play an important role. You must have seen that in the Haldi and Mehendi function the brides wear flowers as jewelry but we’ll keep this for some other time.

Flowers on the backdrop of the stage looks wonderful and there are many designs that you can go for. You can do an ombre of roses, the shape of the heart of red roses with rest in white, you can hang a small bouquet of flowers or some bunch of roses and you can also put a mix of flowers making a multicolor background.

And the planner said, “Let there be light!”

Lighting is done so the place looks real and lively and so do your pictures. The strategically placed lights all over the venue will give a glowy feel and make the pictures look awesome, even the selfies will look vibrant.

There is one thing that is always the center of attraction and that is the majestic chandelier. There are many places that have huge chandeliers that just take the breath away. Having a good one at the wedding or any function just makes everything so lit up.

You can also get different lighting arrangements so that no corner of your wedding is in dark. Good lighting gives a lot and takes nothing as you will be making more beautiful memories.

Regal Wedding Linen to brighten up

A lot of cloth or linen is needed when you are decorating a wedding as an owner or as a wedding planner. Wedding linen is made of different fabrics and many colors as well as designs that are pretty. If you are a planner and want to buy Wedding linen wholesale then we are the right choice for you. We have a huge variety of table cloths and chair covers.

Wedding linen adds a scenic touch to the décor. When you have all the patterns laid out and the chairs are matching with the table covers then this is something that people are going to remember.

Wedding décor should be the best keeping in mind that this is the best and the happiest day in the lives of the bride and the groom. Everything has to be perfect and décor plays a very pivotal role in making things perfect.


We at wedding linen studio keep in mind what you need and the only thing we want to see the appreciation and smile on your faces when you finalize something. We have got a huge selection of products that are not only good but best in quality and usage. We have a vast selection of table overlays, chair covers, cushion covers, accessories, chair treatments, and drapes. Seeing our collection we bet that you won’t be disappointed but will surely be wide-eyed. It’s all about the wedding décor and making your day the most special one with everything in place and of the best quality.