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Wedding cushion covers are one of the most eye-catching accessories of the wedding decor. The cushion covers not only add a zing and sometimes bling to the seating arrangements but also enhance the wedding decor by adding a touch of comfort and elegance at the same time.

Wedding Linen Studio in Delhi specializes in manufacturing exclusive luxury cushion covers matching every design and pattern of the entire wedding decor. Their cushion covers are stitched after careful measurements while keeping the outcome in mind. They deal in both handcrafted and machine-stitched cushion covers. And handcrafted cushion covers when placed against luxury chair covers gives a matchless "bespoke" look to the decor, click here to buy sleek wedding chair covers

Their collection comprises of cushion covers in premium fabrics like- satin, silk, velvet, high-quality cotton and much more. While opting for the cover fabric Wedding Linen Studio keeps quality and durability as the paramount parameters.

You can find covers in all shapes-round, rectangular, ovals, square, and complete with all the accessories and ornamentation. If you want to add some zing to your cushion covers, click here to buy some trendy accessories to go with your luxury cushion covers. Wedding Linen Studio being the wholesale dealers can guarantee hassle-free replacements even at the last moment.
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