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We are one of the best linen clothes provider for the occasion of weddings or events. Such as chair covers, table overlays, table underlay, cushion covers and accessories. And we have best-in-class services that can give you life-long experience.

We have latest designing items that can improve the beauty of your occasion and give you classy experience. We have variety of accessories by which you can find many possibilities of decoration and arrangements.

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We can never imagine a wedding without pomp and show. And there can be no grandeur without any decoration. Wedding decor is by far the paramount part of any wedding especially the ‘big fat Indian wedding’!

If you’re looking for wedding decor solution in Delhi then always opt for professional and reputed wedding decor solutions or wedding linen wholesale dealers like Wedding Linen Studio. Such stores usually have a large and impressive collection of both native and imported wedding decor essentials such as wedding table overlays, wedding chair covers, and much more.

Get everything under one roof:-
Wedding Linen Studio offers high quality decor products like wedding chair covers in varied fabrics – satin, silk, premium cotton, hand woven and various designs and patterns -brocade, damask, beaded, handcrafted and much more at competitive prices both on sale and rent as well. This helps you to save a lot of time energy and money. Instead of ransacking shops and markets you can simply go to Wedding Linen Studio for complete wedding decor solutions and let them take the reins.

It’s always prudent to choose a firm offering customized services for wedding decor and accessories for the best outcome.

Take small steps.
If you're wondering where to start from then, start from basic wedding linen such as wedding cushion coves, or wedding chair bows and so on. Once you’ve decided the linen go for the decor accessories and other essentials.

Make it a point that all the decor items compliment each other to give it a ‘customized’ look.
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